Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Counter-attack at Furthing

30 November: Poo-Bochen forces launched a dawn counter-attack against the Katzian division led by MG Grumm. The atatckers advanced from two directions along the riverbank to storm the town of Furthing Ford.

The Katzian forces are well deployed with strong reserves.

But the town is garrisoned by second line troops.

They manage to see off one attack.

But the defenders are sent fleeing by cannon fire and a rapid charge by a battalion of Jager using the riverbank as cover.

Unexpected reinforcements arrive.

Von Finklestein's brigade counter-attacks to regain the town.

As Poo-Boochen troops rush to cross the ford.

And win the race.

Von Finklestein's white coats suffer heavy casualties.

While Prinz Noah leads his remaining battalion in the attack.

The town is recaptured for a time.

The enemy first brigade retires in the face of cavalry pressure.

As the Dutter Dragoons clear the streets.

The battle hangs in the balance as the Poo-Boochen forces mass for a second attack.

Capturing the town for the second time.

MG Grumm orders his forces to retire in good order with a strong rear guard.

The enemy is content to occupy the town and declines to pursue.
A hard fought battle sees the better led Poo-Boochen forces take revenge for the defeat earlier in the month. MG Grumm's failure to post defenders on the North bank of the river proves to be pivitol.

The Katzian forces retreat through the day as snow begins to fall. Pausing for the night at a small village to care for the wounded, Grumm orders the retreat to continue in the morning.

LTG Von Stroodel meets the division when it arrives at the main camp. While the units are generally in good order, the heavy losses of the twin battles at Furthing Ford are evident especially in the ranks of Prinz Noah's ad hoc brigade.

MG Grumm's fate will have to wait until Spring as the Army of Katzenstein enters winter quarters.