Friday, July 29, 2011

Winter Quarters

A series of severe Winter storms in early December has convinced all parties to settle into quarters. The sting of the defeat at Furthing Ford begins to fade as the Katzain leaders review the overall strategic situation. The Katzain Naval Division remains at Merlichetic to aid on the defense of Hippo-Heimer. A brigade is also supporting a mixed group of Hippo-Heimer regulars and local militia in the defense of Curfu. The main body of the Katzain army is in quarters at Great Bluff with a large magazine under construction at Vavode. It is expected that the main thrust of the Katzain army will be aimed at the Poo-Boochen forces to the North-West while the remaining Northern Alliance forces continue to hold the line of the Bunting Canal in Northern Hippo-Heimer. LTG Von Struddel has directed a general reorganization of the Katzain intervention force while MG Grumm has been banished to organize the supplies at Vavode.

The rebellion in the Kingdom of Didd's colonies in Merika continues and will likely prevent any Didd intervention in the conflict.

Baron Von Stinken's "Legion of Peace" is centered around Gwernhoff with some elements continuing to harrass Hippo-Heimer forces along the Bunting canal. It is not know how long Von Stinken can hold the rebel forces together after his failure to capture Merlichetic and the heavy losses suffered in the eventual capture of Gwernhoff.

The Barony of Schluppity-Schlupp forces in The Grand Duchy of Hippo-Heimer have suffered heavy losses due to illness. The army is in quarters along with the rebel "Legion of Peace" centered around the newly captured town of Gwernhof.

The Barony of Gluppity-Glupp's exit from the conflict after the ill conceived plan to blockade the river was unexpected but certainly welcomed by the Norther Alliance. The Baron reportedly offered the head of his principal military advisor in exchange for the ability to resume trade along the Iller.

The Principality of Poo-Boochen forces in Southern Hippo-Heimer occupy the fort at Sevillia with an advanced post at Furthing. These forces have been reinforced during the Winter after the short lived negotiations in which Poo-Boochen sought to gain the hill country along the border.

The County of Keck has provided additional forces to assist in the defense of Hippo-Heimer. The Keck brigade is located at Merlichetic with additional light cavalry picketing the canal to the South.

The District of Doft has taken a decidedly pro-Hippo-Heimer stance in the conflict and thrown off the usually conservatism of Doft politics. The Doft contribution now consists of a regiment of dragoons and two regiments of infantry.