Friday, July 1, 2011

Mid Year Review-2011

Half the year has gone by and painting progress has been right on schedule.
J- 98

Total So Far:  671 points 
I completed the Starmada project and the Katzenstein project. These join the completed Flames of War Project.

I am working through the Krasnovia project now and making progress on the Splintered Lands animals.

When these two are done this year, I will start on 3 other projects for 2012:
Sci-Fi 15mm skirmish for Tomorrow's War and Flying Lead

I have kept purchases generally undercontrol except for one large restock on bases from Litko. This included the bases for the Ancients project and magnetic bottoms for all my figures. I am planning to improve all my basing in 2012 and arrange better storage by placing the figures on steel sheet in the trays. Also bought some 15mm Sci Fi figures from Khurasan when I got some other figs. Saved on shipping this way.

Historicon is coming up on 8 July. I have some planned purchases but not too many figures. I will have significantly reduced my unpainted lead this year.

I have played a few games this year and the 2nd Imagi-nation campaign is moving along well. Need to get more games in. Rome:Total War and the new Memoir '44 Online have been major distractions from my gaming.