Saturday, July 9, 2011

Battle of Furthing Ford

06 November---Suprised to find an enemy force deploying rapidly in front of his division, MG Grumm ordered the light cavalry brigade to delay the large opposing cavalry force in order to give his brigades to deploy on either side of the road with Prinz Noah's brigade in reserve.
The Katzian force advances unaware of the enemy force approaching from the West.

The open ground on the right would see a see-saw cavalry clash.

Poo-Bochen troops advance rapidly to seize the near hills and array their cavalry for battle on the left wing.

Two Katzian light cavalry regiments charge the three enemy regiments counting on quality making up for quantity.

The Valing Valley Chassuers would scatter the lancers after a fierce melee.

The Zook's Zouaves see off the first charge of the enemy Chasseurs.

A mix up in orders sees Colonel Von Finklestein's white coated brigade withdraw behind Prinz Noah's reserves.

Zook's Zouaves are routed and suffer severe losses to renewed enemy cavalry charges.

After sorting out the mixed up orders, Von Finklestein's brigade advances under heavy fire supported by a battery of guns.

The Vailing Valley Chasseurs retire to reform.

The Poo-Boochen center holds.

But the right wing collapses unexpectedly.

Prinz Noah leads his brigade against the weakened flank.

With their lines of communications under threat, the Poo-Boochen forces prepare to retire.

Heavy musket fire sees off the Poo-Boochen rear guard cavalry.
MG Grumm snatched victory from the jaws of defeat due to some superb work by the 6lb battery on the left flank and the bold advances by Colonel Von Finklestein and Prinz Noah. Each side suffered heavy cavalry losses and significant infantry casualties but each force also still had an unengaged brigade on the field.

The Poo-Boochen forces withdrew a few miles to regroup while MG Grumm ordered the Ooblek Sappers and Miners to begin fortifying the town by the ford.

It is reported that LTG Von Stroodel flew into a fit of rage when he found out Grumm had failed to push an advanced guard ahead of his division and almost suffered a major defeat. LTG Von Stroodel calmed down long enough to send a polite note to Colonel-Bishop Von Finklestein and another private message to Prinz Noah.