Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 2016

I have crossed the 8 year point since I started my adult wargaming. Time flies when you are having fun. I spent a few days at my parents house looking around in the basement (again) for my old Airfix figures. No luck. I will give it one more go when we clean out the crawl space. 

During a great vacation in the Turks and Caicos, I read the 10 wargames magazines I stockpiled over the summer, and I read the Hammer's Slammers collection of sci-fi short stories. 

I sent my Christmas list to my wife. It contains the usual round of wargames books and, for the first time, some figures (6 packs of Pulp Figures).

Bought a few things from my list...paints, primer, bases, TFL Summer 16 special, the new Pulp Alley campaign and cards. I will get the Too Fat Lardies Winter PDF special in December.

Working on my Katzenstein expansion while planning to start either 6mm sci fi or 28mm zombies. Sci fi has the lead...I am trying to hold out to the new year.

A few pictures of a game with a group at On Military Matters...a great shot for wargames books and military history:

12 x 12 figure 15mm imagi-nation units: 144 points
TOTAL: 144 points
In Progress: 7 x 12 figure units for "The Imperial Army" in my Katzenstein project

1 game of WW2 skirmish at On Military Matters

$204 this month: paint, TFL special, Pulp Alley campaign and cards, bases
Total for the year: $680

Budget: $420 under budget, Plan: <$100 per month; on target

Monday, November 28, 2016

Imperial Army

Last Summer,  I sold off all of the figures I purchased pre-painted to use as the opponents for my Kingdom of Katzenstein imagi-nations project. It is now time to reform an enemy force. I am going for a generic "Imperial" force that I can add onto as needed. I purchased a lot of mixed figures cheaply and I will form 95% of the army from this batch.

A full corps of 12 Musketeer Regiments

The Army:

12 Line Infantry
4 Light Infantry
3 2nd Line Infantry
1 Rifle
2 Grenadier Infantry
3 Guard Infantry
2 Garrison Infantry
1 Militia
2 Border Grenz
2 Landwehr
7 Provincial Regiments

5 Cuirassier
1 Guard
1 Guard Dragoon
5 Dragoon
1 Hussar
4 Lancer
1 Uhlans

2 Howitzer Battery
4 Field Battery

16 Generals

I can then add to these forces with small contingents from allied states and mercenary contingents.