Monday, November 28, 2016

Imperial Army

Last Summer,  I sold off all of the figures I purchased pre-painted to use as the opponents for my Kingdom of Katzenstein imagi-nations project. It is now time to reform an enemy force. I am going for a generic "Imperial" force that I can add onto as needed. I purchased a lot of mixed figures cheaply and I will form 95% of the army from this batch.

A full corps of 12 Musketeer Regiments

The Army:

12 Line Infantry
4 Light Infantry
3 2nd Line Infantry
1 Rifle
2 Grenadier Infantry
3 Guard Infantry
2 Garrison Infantry
1 Militia
2 Border Grenz
2 Landwehr
7 Provincial Regiments

5 Cuirassier
1 Guard
1 Guard Dragoon
5 Dragoon
1 Hussar
4 Lancer
1 Uhlans

2 Howitzer Battery
4 Field Battery

16 Generals

I can then add to these forces with small contingents from allied states and mercenary contingents.

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