Saturday, December 31, 2011

Exterminator Squad

Another Khurasan Miniatures squad. These make for good "space marines". They are supposed to represent the marines from Aliens.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Corporate Marines

A squad of the Khurasan Corporate Marines. My son selected these as his squad so I painted the shoulder patch the blue and grey like his US Infantry for Flames of War (29th Infantry Division).
Prime- wolf grey/blue
Armor/helmet- dark seagreen
Guns- neutral grey
Belts/Packs- black and natural steel
Gloves/boots- german grey
Patch- flat blue and london grey

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Space Pals Plus

Han, Chewie and Boba Fett from Highlander Studios miniatures. Painted them to match the action figures my son has as best I could. Great character figures.

Other figures are from several different purchases...don't remember what sets.

Four Ursid Mercenaries from Khurasan miniatures. Love these guys with the big guns, glasses, and cigars.Not sure how they fit in my sci-fi world...most likely as mercenaries...also make good companions for characters.

Fur- GermanCamo Medium Brown and Leather Brown on the claws/snout
Gear- Cavalry Brown and Brass
Gun- Neutral Grey and Tinny Tin
Glasses- Brass and Pastel Blue
Three other figures...can't remember what sets. Make for more good characters.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 2011

Not a huge month for painting but I did get in a few squads of sci-fi figures.

39 x 15mm sci-fi figures (mixed lot)

TOTAL: 39 points

Christmas loot included:
-2012 Wargamers Annual
-Wargaming in History V5
-Achtung Schweinehund
-a clip-on painting light

I also got my son the 150th Anniversary version on Battle Cry. Played the first scenario...he took the first victory point but I won 6-4. He did make very good use of the Reinforcement Card by placing an artillery unit near my rear...shot up 2 more units. He played the second scenario with one of his friends and won 6-4.

My son also set up two games this month. The first was a Flames of War beach landing...he got the idea to use the tan cloth.

The second game was Force on Force using a mixed bag of modern figures. He and a friend attacked my defenders in a the buildings. They planned out the set up on the dry erase board.

I have primed four groups of sci-fi figures...about 120 in all. I will try to tackle these in the next two months. I have a batch of GZG figures on hand and that will then finish up the on hand sci-fi figures. There are some more I want to get but not sure if I want to drive hard on the sci-fi project and then start the ancients, or work on both at once.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Peace in Our Time

With the retreat of the Barony of Schluppity-Schlupp's remaining forces and the disintergartion of the rebel Army of Peace, quiet has fallen on the North as Winter arrives.

The Grand Duchy forces continue to round up bandits and monitor the border, but the rebelian has come to an end.

Most of the Alliance forces return home with only a small contingent entering Winter quarters in the Grand Duchy.

Diplomatic envoys from Schlupp arrive after the new year to forge a lasting peace. The exact terms of the treaty are kept secret but surly involve a large indemnity, the hand over of several small trading posts and colonial ventures in Afrika and The Indies, and the expulsion of the rebel leaders.

All eyes turn towards the crowned heads of the victoreous alliance. What's next for the powers of the North?

My second campaign has come to a close. I will be focusing on two other projects in 2012, but Katzenstein will always be #1!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Battle of Gwernhoff

15 June- MG Grumm's division advanced on Gwernhoff to attack the enemy rear guard. Grumm's forces outnumber the defenders, but the Schluppity-Schlupp troops are under good leadership and have chosen their positions well. The defenders have a line running from the enclosed orchard, through the central wood to the hill on the left flank with an advanced post in the woods further forward.

---I played this game with the Die Fighting rules. The basic premise is that each forces has a pool of  "resource" dice that are used with "leadership" dice and "free" dice to resolve movement, combat, and C2 (rally). For a first outing, things went OK but I know I missed some things in the rules and I was not sure how to work out a few situations. Just went with my gut or used the "Rule of Six" to add 6 points and move on. Overall, the rules were OK and would be more fun once I memorized all the dice factors. I still prefer Field of Battle so Die Fighting will go on the shelf. I am looking forward to getting the Die Marching campaign rules that will use the same resource dice concept.

Katzian brigades advance on light with the militia on the right and the guards in the center.

Enemy troops using the enclosed orchard as a strongpoint.

The center and Katzian right...enemy advanced post in the woods on the far right.

The broad advance puts lots of pressure on the enemy (and uses up lots of resource dice).

Guns advance to a key position to bombard the orchard. They would shatter the enemy and force them into flight. (Enemy unit rolled three 1's when trying to rally and fled the table).

The Militia Brigade takes on the first enemy unit. They would win out and ultimately put the defending battalion to flight.

Cavalry cover the advance of the Guard Brigade.

The Cavalry Brigade would charge several times to take the hill but are held at bey despite using up many enemy resource dice.

Light cavalry forces back by fire as the dragoons move on the flank.

The victorious Militia Brigade!

Hard luck on the cavalry at the hill.

The enemy center is pierced and the woods fall to the grenadiers supported by Prince Noah's Regiment.

The orchard is taken quickly after.

A last ditch cavalry charge is defeated and the enemy begin to fall back.

Only one battalion and one regiment are in good order to cover the retreat.

The heavy hitting guns adjust fire to the enemy cavalry.

Friday, December 2, 2011


The first of the dedicated sci-fi troops. A 38 "man" platoon of Chewks from Khurasan Miniatures. They remind me of Jawas.


1 x Platoon Leader
1 x PLatoon Sergeant
1 x Medic
2 x Rifle Chewks

Weapon Section
2 x 2 Chewk Mortar Teams
2 x 2 Chewk Rocket Teams
2 x 2 Chewk Machinegun Teams

3 x Rifle Squads
7x Rifle Chewks

Robes-Cork Brown
Belts- Chocolate Brown
Skin- Sky Blue
Eyes- Gold
Weapons- Gunmetal Blue
Ammo- Black and Brass
Prime- Brown

Pumice mixed with brown on brown painted 15mm round wood 1.5mm bases with magnetic bottom.
Woodland Scenics fine ballast
Dry grass
Highland Tufts
Small rocks