Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 2011

Not a huge month for painting but I did get in a few squads of sci-fi figures.

39 x 15mm sci-fi figures (mixed lot)

TOTAL: 39 points

Christmas loot included:
-2012 Wargamers Annual
-Wargaming in History V5
-Achtung Schweinehund
-a clip-on painting light

I also got my son the 150th Anniversary version on Battle Cry. Played the first scenario...he took the first victory point but I won 6-4. He did make very good use of the Reinforcement Card by placing an artillery unit near my rear...shot up 2 more units. He played the second scenario with one of his friends and won 6-4.

My son also set up two games this month. The first was a Flames of War beach landing...he got the idea to use the tan cloth.

The second game was Force on Force using a mixed bag of modern figures. He and a friend attacked my defenders in a the buildings. They planned out the set up on the dry erase board.

I have primed four groups of sci-fi figures...about 120 in all. I will try to tackle these in the next two months. I have a batch of GZG figures on hand and that will then finish up the on hand sci-fi figures. There are some more I want to get but not sure if I want to drive hard on the sci-fi project and then start the ancients, or work on both at once.