Friday, December 9, 2011

Battle of Gwernhoff

15 June- MG Grumm's division advanced on Gwernhoff to attack the enemy rear guard. Grumm's forces outnumber the defenders, but the Schluppity-Schlupp troops are under good leadership and have chosen their positions well. The defenders have a line running from the enclosed orchard, through the central wood to the hill on the left flank with an advanced post in the woods further forward.

---I played this game with the Die Fighting rules. The basic premise is that each forces has a pool of  "resource" dice that are used with "leadership" dice and "free" dice to resolve movement, combat, and C2 (rally). For a first outing, things went OK but I know I missed some things in the rules and I was not sure how to work out a few situations. Just went with my gut or used the "Rule of Six" to add 6 points and move on. Overall, the rules were OK and would be more fun once I memorized all the dice factors. I still prefer Field of Battle so Die Fighting will go on the shelf. I am looking forward to getting the Die Marching campaign rules that will use the same resource dice concept.

Katzian brigades advance on light with the militia on the right and the guards in the center.

Enemy troops using the enclosed orchard as a strongpoint.

The center and Katzian right...enemy advanced post in the woods on the far right.

The broad advance puts lots of pressure on the enemy (and uses up lots of resource dice).

Guns advance to a key position to bombard the orchard. They would shatter the enemy and force them into flight. (Enemy unit rolled three 1's when trying to rally and fled the table).

The Militia Brigade takes on the first enemy unit. They would win out and ultimately put the defending battalion to flight.

Cavalry cover the advance of the Guard Brigade.

The Cavalry Brigade would charge several times to take the hill but are held at bey despite using up many enemy resource dice.

Light cavalry forces back by fire as the dragoons move on the flank.

The victorious Militia Brigade!

Hard luck on the cavalry at the hill.

The enemy center is pierced and the woods fall to the grenadiers supported by Prince Noah's Regiment.

The orchard is taken quickly after.

A last ditch cavalry charge is defeated and the enemy begin to fall back.

Only one battalion and one regiment are in good order to cover the retreat.

The heavy hitting guns adjust fire to the enemy cavalry.