Saturday, December 10, 2011

Peace in Our Time

With the retreat of the Barony of Schluppity-Schlupp's remaining forces and the disintergartion of the rebel Army of Peace, quiet has fallen on the North as Winter arrives.

The Grand Duchy forces continue to round up bandits and monitor the border, but the rebelian has come to an end.

Most of the Alliance forces return home with only a small contingent entering Winter quarters in the Grand Duchy.

Diplomatic envoys from Schlupp arrive after the new year to forge a lasting peace. The exact terms of the treaty are kept secret but surly involve a large indemnity, the hand over of several small trading posts and colonial ventures in Afrika and The Indies, and the expulsion of the rebel leaders.

All eyes turn towards the crowned heads of the victoreous alliance. What's next for the powers of the North?

My second campaign has come to a close. I will be focusing on two other projects in 2012, but Katzenstein will always be #1!