Friday, December 2, 2011


The first of the dedicated sci-fi troops. A 38 "man" platoon of Chewks from Khurasan Miniatures. They remind me of Jawas.


1 x Platoon Leader
1 x PLatoon Sergeant
1 x Medic
2 x Rifle Chewks

Weapon Section
2 x 2 Chewk Mortar Teams
2 x 2 Chewk Rocket Teams
2 x 2 Chewk Machinegun Teams

3 x Rifle Squads
7x Rifle Chewks

Robes-Cork Brown
Belts- Chocolate Brown
Skin- Sky Blue
Eyes- Gold
Weapons- Gunmetal Blue
Ammo- Black and Brass
Prime- Brown

Pumice mixed with brown on brown painted 15mm round wood 1.5mm bases with magnetic bottom.
Woodland Scenics fine ballast
Dry grass
Highland Tufts
Small rocks