Friday, June 28, 2013

June 2012 and mid-year review

Half the year gone already. Looking back on my goals from January, I am well ahead of where I expected.

My goals for 2013:
1- Spend 50% less money than 2012. I am tracking all hobby expenses again this year.
---On track
2- Play games with the spaceships and Splintered Lands figures.
---Done and done
 3- Paint last 12 of the sci-fi figures on hand.
---Done plus 92 points more that I bought
 4- Finish 152 German infantry (75% complete) and the German vehicles.
 5- Build bocage/hedges
---Failed miserably...tried two different techniques to build the dirt bases but they did not work
 6- Attend Cold Wars and Historicon
---Done and planned for July...registered for 13 games
 7- Complete at least 50% of the on hand ancients figures.
---Done...the entire force is now finished (including basing the pre-painted figures I bought) and I am looking to buy fantasy figures next month
A- Added a whole new project by painting planes for Check Your 6!

Goals for the rest of 2013:
8- Paint the 5 cavalry, infantry, and 1 artillery unit I bought for my Katzenstein forces. Also start texturing the bases on this whole project. target is to finish the painting by end of August.
9- Buy and paint several groups of fantasy figures...Halflings and gnomes from Splintered Light Miniatures to start.

85 x 15mm sci-fi and modern figures: 85 points
2 x vehicles: 4 points
5 x small vehicles: 5 points

TOTAL: 92 points

1 x Home brew fantasy/ancients rules test

Scout Section

Remote vehicles- armed, cargo, and medical

Spaceship crew

Security Forces

Mixed armed civilians

Unarmed civilians

Resistance Fighters

Wheeled armored vehicles

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fantasy Rules

I have started writing my own fantasy rules for use at home. Why? because I like reading rule books and pulling ideas.
Play tested two short combat tests, and then one larger battle trying to tie things together.

Few pictures of the larger playtest below. Looking forward to getting some 15mm fantasy figures at Historicon.