Friday, June 28, 2013

June 2012 and mid-year review

Half the year gone already. Looking back on my goals from January, I am well ahead of where I expected.

My goals for 2013:
1- Spend 50% less money than 2012. I am tracking all hobby expenses again this year.
---On track
2- Play games with the spaceships and Splintered Lands figures.
---Done and done
 3- Paint last 12 of the sci-fi figures on hand.
---Done plus 92 points more that I bought
 4- Finish 152 German infantry (75% complete) and the German vehicles.
 5- Build bocage/hedges
---Failed miserably...tried two different techniques to build the dirt bases but they did not work
 6- Attend Cold Wars and Historicon
---Done and planned for July...registered for 13 games
 7- Complete at least 50% of the on hand ancients figures.
---Done...the entire force is now finished (including basing the pre-painted figures I bought) and I am looking to buy fantasy figures next month
A- Added a whole new project by painting planes for Check Your 6!

Goals for the rest of 2013:
8- Paint the 5 cavalry, infantry, and 1 artillery unit I bought for my Katzenstein forces. Also start texturing the bases on this whole project. target is to finish the painting by end of August.
9- Buy and paint several groups of fantasy figures...Halflings and gnomes from Splintered Light Miniatures to start.

85 x 15mm sci-fi and modern figures: 85 points
2 x vehicles: 4 points
5 x small vehicles: 5 points

TOTAL: 92 points

1 x Home brew fantasy/ancients rules test

Scout Section

Remote vehicles- armed, cargo, and medical

Spaceship crew

Security Forces

Mixed armed civilians

Unarmed civilians

Resistance Fighters

Wheeled armored vehicles