Monday, July 22, 2013

Historicon part 1

Back from a trip to Historicon in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Had a great time with my son.

I will break things down into two posts. 2nd post will cover the games pictures and comments.

Trip down from NJ took about 5 hours with one spot of traffic on the beltway around DC. Traveled from 9 to 2 on a Tuesday. The trip back on Sunday took a little longer with some very heavy traffic between DC and Baltimore. Overall, no issue with the convention being this far away.

Stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn at the convention center complex. Easy walk each day with plenty of restaurants nearby. Not cheap, but convenient.

The convention center met all the needs from my end. They did put up curtains to lessen the noise compared to last year but my thoughts are that the excessive noise is from the extra conversations going on around the tables. It would be nice if people would take their conversations away (those not playing) from the game table. The bathrooms still need work...there were porta-johns outside but I would recommend hiring bathroom attendants for the duration. Food on site was standard fare and high price as expected. We are 1 meal a day at the center and had breakfast at the hotel. Other meal was out in the nearby restaurants

Dealer hall was big enough but missing a few regulars. Flea market was good, bought a few items and haggled prices down. I may try selling some things at Fall In. Pictures of my loot down below. Overall, spent more than last year, but we were there an extra day.

Spent the first day in Fredericksburg going to the battlefield for a short tour and then to the USMC Museum. Both nice events taking a few hours. Even had my son beat me in a Battle Cry game of the Battle of Fredericksburg.

Box 1 of 5 of my new bocage. Both my attempts at making my own failed miserably.

Rest of the loot (minus box of 28mm sci-fi figures)

Union victory at Fredericksburg.

Looking uphill to the Confederate defenses.

Along the sunken road.

Ball holes in the nearby house.

Kirkland monument.

The Junior General.

At the original wall site.

Chatham House

4.5" gun positioned to fire over the river.

Pontoon section

USMC in the air

With an experimental helo