Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kingdom of Katzenstein expansion

I have expanded the Kingdom of Katzenstein forces. Have not touched that project in over a year so it was time for new troops.
5 infantry regiments
5 cavalry regiments
1 artillery battery
4 generals

This should hold me off for a while...I have 1 unit planned for the next expansion. I also plan to start a new campaign next year after I finish flocking all the existing bases.
Ish Irregulars

Saint Barbara Heavy Artillery Battery

Newly appointed Brigadiers

Saint George Horse Guard

Keck Kurrassier

Herk-Heimer Heavy Horse

Doft Dragoons

Saint Aloysious Light Infantry

Saint Basil Grenadiers

Foxin-Sox Fusiliers

Hortonhearsawho Fusiliers

Geisel Grenz

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