Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flobbertown Veteran Fencible Regiment

Lake Winna Bongo Provisional Marine Regiment

Gwark Isle Grenadiers

Vavode Voltigeur Regiment

Drize Loyal Mamelukes

Prax Praire Cossack

Mercedd Militia

Poozers Pioneer Regiment

Gekko Grotto Grenadiers

Terwilliger Tirailleur Regiment

Provisional Naval Landing Party

April 2010 Totals

April has been a banner month!
After two months of minimum output, I have made a major leap forward on getting units painted.

7 x 12 figure infantry units = 84 points
2 x 8 figure cavalry units = 32 points
Total: 116 points

This month I cut back on my purchases and only made 1 e-bay buy of 10 buildings (including a nice windmill). I also just ordered the new Warhammer Ancient Battles 2.0 book. No planned purchases for May...but we will see what happens. I am looking for 15mm modern scuba divers for my son.

My plans for May are to do 3 more infantry units, and work on the last 40 odd modern skirmish figures I have painted. I still have a pack of modern US infantry and a pack of insurgents to prime and paint for that project.

I will also start the Battle of Krondstadt this weekend.

The Splintered Light fantasy figures are calling me, but I am holding off to get the modern skirmish figures all caught up.

Only one game this month...played with my son. We use the Ganesha Games Song of Blades and Heroes - Flying Lead rules with my generic AK47 Peter Pig figures.

After some test games in teh past, I am starting him on a campaign. 1st battle involved him taking an 8 man squad on a raid into a base to get more "loot"...weapons, equipment, recruits, and traits. I expected he would sneak around and get some stuff then get out. Instead, he made a major attack and lost 7 of his 8 soldiers...cutting the defenders down to 2! He also got all but one of the rewards. The next battle will be a convoy ambush where he can rescure some of his POWs. A few pics of the aftermath below. The buildings are Miniature Building Authority 15mm Middle East range.

Friday, April 2, 2010

March 2010 Totals

A poor month for painting and gaming in general as I was away for tweo weeks.

Did manage:
2 x 12 figure infantry units (24 points)

Also did some partial work on some skirmish figures.

I attended Cold Wars at the start of the month. I made some purchases...
1) Blue Moon Pirates
2) US infantry and insurgents in 15mm
3) More of the Splintered Light fantasy figures
4) Terrain...gabions, walls, sandbags, trees, buildings from Miniature Building Authority

Also did an online purchase of more hills and "rough" ground to round out my terrain set.

No imagi-nation gaming this month, but I did get in about 4 games of Flying Lead skirmish with my son. This is the new set of modern combat skirmish rules based on the Song of Blades and Heroes rules. I can not recommend these enough...especially to introduce young gamers.

My targets for April are:

1)Play the last game in my current imagi-nation campaign
2) Paint 2 regiments of cavalry and 1 of infanty (pioneers)
3) Finish 50 modern skirmish figures (my son does most of these)
4) More skirmish games.