Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 2010 Totals

April has been a banner month!
After two months of minimum output, I have made a major leap forward on getting units painted.

7 x 12 figure infantry units = 84 points
2 x 8 figure cavalry units = 32 points
Total: 116 points

This month I cut back on my purchases and only made 1 e-bay buy of 10 buildings (including a nice windmill). I also just ordered the new Warhammer Ancient Battles 2.0 book. No planned purchases for May...but we will see what happens. I am looking for 15mm modern scuba divers for my son.

My plans for May are to do 3 more infantry units, and work on the last 40 odd modern skirmish figures I have painted. I still have a pack of modern US infantry and a pack of insurgents to prime and paint for that project.

I will also start the Battle of Krondstadt this weekend.

The Splintered Light fantasy figures are calling me, but I am holding off to get the modern skirmish figures all caught up.

Only one game this month...played with my son. We use the Ganesha Games Song of Blades and Heroes - Flying Lead rules with my generic AK47 Peter Pig figures.

After some test games in teh past, I am starting him on a campaign. 1st battle involved him taking an 8 man squad on a raid into a base to get more "loot"...weapons, equipment, recruits, and traits. I expected he would sneak around and get some stuff then get out. Instead, he made a major attack and lost 7 of his 8 soldiers...cutting the defenders down to 2! He also got all but one of the rewards. The next battle will be a convoy ambush where he can rescure some of his POWs. A few pics of the aftermath below. The buildings are Miniature Building Authority 15mm Middle East range.