Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gang Warfare

We are starting a campaign of "generic gang warfare" using individual skirmish figures and Flying Lead rules from Ganesha Games. No real background setting so I can add all kinds of elements to the games.

My son formed an intial band of 8 figures and we played game one.

His gang consisted of:
Noah: Q3, C2, Automatic Rifle+2, Leader, Hero (136)
Josh: Q3, C2, Pistol+1, Molotov Cocktails (46)
Nick: Q4, C3, Automatic Rifle+2 (65)
Nessie: Q4, C3, SMG+1, Second-in-Command (66)
Ready Rodger: Q4, C3, Automatic Rifle+2 (65)
Accurate Andy: Q4, C2, Automatic Rifle+2 (57)
Talkative Tom: Q4, C2, SMG+1 (44)
Slang Sammy: Q4, C2, Shotgun[+2/+1/+0] (38)

Q=quality, C=combat rating
Total Points: 547

The first game involved his group meeting an arms dealer and trying to get the guy back to his truck to pick up weapons. Some local police spotted them after an anonymous tip and the bullets started to fly.
Long road ahead...

The armed men all over the rooftops drew plenty of police attention.

The first two police on the scene survived heavy automatic rifle file...and finshed a dozen doughnuts.

The second patrol team to arrive came under fire and a barrage of molotov cocktails.

Naughty Nick killed one after flanking the duo. He is now a wanted man.

Noah led the attack on the other flank but ended up in cuffs. Luckily, Accurate Andy came up from behind and rescued him before falling to return fire from some federal agents.

Unable to get the arms dealer to his stash, Noah called for a retreat.

The gang pulled back to their hidout leaving Andy in police custody. One officer was killed and the call has gone out for a statewide manhunt. Nessie took off during the battle and can't be found...could she have been an undercover informant?

Post Battle Gang:
Noah: Q3, C2, Automatic Rifle+2, Leader, Hero (136)
Josh: Q3, C2, Pistol+1, Molotov Cocktails (46)
Nick: Q4, C3, Automatic Rifle+2 (65)(69) hatred[cops]
Ready Rodger: Q4, C3, Automatic Rifle+2 (65)
Accurate Andy: Q4, C2, Automatic Rifle+2 (57) ----- PRISONER
Talkative Tom: Q4, C2, SMG+1 (44) -----LIGHT WOUND
Slang Sammy: Q4, C2, Shotgun[+2/+1/+0] (38)
Heather: Q4, C2, Pistols+2 (29)

Q=quality, C=combat rating
Total Points: 514

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Force on Force action

My son set up a quick FoF game for us. He had a few teams of SWAT type troops attacking a bunch of terrorists at a weapon cache. He also had a team made up of him and two of his friends.

Good use of cover and overwatch saw his troops quickly reach the objective with minimal casualties. Until he had his "avatar" shot down and killed on the second attempt to breach and scale the walls in a two-pronged attack.

Good lesson in use of suppression and in valuing your men as individuals.
Weapons hidden in the temple complex.

Our intrepid heroes start a fire to distract the enemy.

All are wounded but keep up the attack.

Nice flank move takes out a whole terrorist cell.

SWAT team stacks up to enter through the front, while the agents prepare to scale the compound walls for the second time.

Ouch! was it worth a shot to the head for the fearless leader?

Monday, June 11, 2012


Went to Normandy for a two-day tour as a part of our London-Paris vacation.

I highly recommend Overlord Tours...our guide, Sean, did a fantastic job.

Here are a few shots from the trip:
Longues gun battery in a bunker

Omaha Beach

US Cemetary

102nd Cav on the National Guard monument at Omaha

Point du Hoc

Bomb crater

A veteran from F/2/502 Airborne Regiment

La Fiere Bridge

4th Infantry Division monument

The trip has inspired me to work on a Canadian infantry company for IABSM in the future.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Beach assault in the far future...heavily armored troops make a landing in water skimmers but suffer heavy casualties on the beach. The day is saved when several teams of drop troops arrive from their assembly areas further inland.

Hitting the beach.

Pinned down at the obstacle belt.


This group will turn the tide.

Casualties mount on both sides.

First try at storming the bunker fails.

But a second attempt wins the day.

The lighly wounded Augment Trooper (pruple marker in center) gets a medal for surviving the whole game in front of the main bunker.

This was a Tomorrow's War game we started last month set up by my son. He added the reinforcements when we returned from our vacation that included a two-day stop in Normandy.