Sunday, June 24, 2012

Force on Force action

My son set up a quick FoF game for us. He had a few teams of SWAT type troops attacking a bunch of terrorists at a weapon cache. He also had a team made up of him and two of his friends.

Good use of cover and overwatch saw his troops quickly reach the objective with minimal casualties. Until he had his "avatar" shot down and killed on the second attempt to breach and scale the walls in a two-pronged attack.

Good lesson in use of suppression and in valuing your men as individuals.
Weapons hidden in the temple complex.

Our intrepid heroes start a fire to distract the enemy.

All are wounded but keep up the attack.

Nice flank move takes out a whole terrorist cell.

SWAT team stacks up to enter through the front, while the agents prepare to scale the compound walls for the second time.

Ouch! was it worth a shot to the head for the fearless leader?