Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012

A second good month for painting in the new year, but short on games.

I am tracking my gaming expenditures this year just to see how much money I am spending. By tracking it, I am spending less.

I did buy the PDFs for I Ain't Been Shot Mum from Too Fat Lardies and gave it a try with the Flames of War figures. I like the idea of company sized games but I don't like the FoW rules. Had a fun battle and I like the rules. May be my go to set.
Force on Force (Tomorrow's War too) has some nice ideas, but I am not sold yet. I like the opposed die roles, but the reaction system (while realistic) may be too complex for my tastes.

Painting Totals:

43 x Commandos (Micro Panzer) = 43 points
43 x Character figures (GZG)= 43 points
37 x Civilians (GZG) = 37 points

TOTAL= 123

Lead Mountain 2012
Bought to date: 203
Painted to date: 245

I primed 160 figures from Critical Mass Games (ARC troops). This will be a full company for my son to use in sci-fi gaming. Great figures, well cast and very clean.

I had planned to work the sci-fi project and my ancients at the same time, but sci-fi has taken off and I will continue with it unless I get burned out. I still need to paint the buildings I primed months ago and I would like to work on some terrain pieces. I will try using floor tiles to base some "rough" terrain areas.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Armed Characters

A mix of figures from GZG...ravagers and ship's crew. Some of the famous and infamous on planet Ziva.

Monday, February 27, 2012


GZG sci-fi civilians...includes children and working crewmen/technicians.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Imperial Commandos send to Ziva to handle special missions. These are SAS figures from Micro-Panzer.

Base: British Armor spray, washed with sepia
Weapon: London grey
Pack: Basalt Grey
Boots/gloves: Black
Pouches: German Uniform
Helmets:Grey Green, Light Turquoise
Berets: Flat Red

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ambush on Ziva

A squad of Ripley Corporation troops conducted a very successful ambush on a humanitarian relief convoy on the embattled planet of Ziva. Imperial auxiliary security forces in their trademark blue uniforms were headed to deliver supplies to a small detainee settlement under the protection of a local Sahadeen separatist faction. Feeling that the Imperials were siding with the rebel scum, the RC marines destroyed the convoy in a lightening strike.

First strike devastates the convoy.

No supplies will get through.

Rebel suicide bombers try to make the marines pay...only one gets through.

Causing the marines to dive for cover...but only one light casualty.

Marines regroup and get ready to bug out...mission accomplished.

This was a short Flying Lead (Ganesha Games) battle with my sci-fi figures set up by my son. An unbalanced affair to be sure but lots of fun. Get to get two groups (security forces and Sahadeen) on the table for the first time.

There is a IABSM battle set up on the other half of the table ready for play. Back to WW2.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Game- I Ain't Been Shot Mum

Played my first game of I An't Been Shot Mum (IABSM), the company level rules from Too Fat Lardies. Lots of fun and a great game. The rules encouraged and showcased real tactics. Cover, fire+movement, and C2 are important.

I placed a German platoon with two machineguns in a hidden defense. Set the stage for the US commander (my son) to bring on his rifle company in column of platoons. He had intel that a STUG had been knocked out by the air force (just a threat to make him worry about tanks) and that the scouts had recieved mortar fire (shell holes in the open to warn him to stay in cover).

Looking from the German side...squads placed in the orchard, the hedges, and the woods on the front right.

Some early losses when he advanced into the open on the hill. One squad shot up along with a MG team.

He started to get organized and work the flanks with a base of fire in the center.

US troops rolled up both flanks with the 3rd platoon arriving as a reserve.

After forcing a Geman squad to retreat, the US quickly moves up the flank.

While the Germans try to defend the opposite flank.

Reserves arrive...would see little action.

A squad from 1st Platton torn up by MG fire...this is the view from the MG42 in the house.

My own reinforcements...after my son added a grenadier squad and a ranger squad for each side respectively.

One German squad totally ineffective from losses and shock.

Despite buying the Flames of War books and building two forces, I never liked the rules after just a few games. I do like the size of the games (company or so per side) so I kept researching. Deciding I like card driven mechanics, I made the jump to IABSM...glad I did. Makes for a fun game, customizable, and just the right size.

I have to check a few rules as I know we made some mistakes. Looking forward to the sci-fi rules from Too Fat Lardies.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Sahadeen figures from Rebel Minis. These make good "rough" troops...insurgents or colonists.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Figures by Khurasan.
41 Felids...a strong platoon of 4 squads. Half have helmets and half without. Inlcudes grenade lauchers and heavy cannons.

Prime: German Armor
Armor: Sky Blue