Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012

A second good month for painting in the new year, but short on games.

I am tracking my gaming expenditures this year just to see how much money I am spending. By tracking it, I am spending less.

I did buy the PDFs for I Ain't Been Shot Mum from Too Fat Lardies and gave it a try with the Flames of War figures. I like the idea of company sized games but I don't like the FoW rules. Had a fun battle and I like the rules. May be my go to set.
Force on Force (Tomorrow's War too) has some nice ideas, but I am not sold yet. I like the opposed die roles, but the reaction system (while realistic) may be too complex for my tastes.

Painting Totals:

43 x Commandos (Micro Panzer) = 43 points
43 x Character figures (GZG)= 43 points
37 x Civilians (GZG) = 37 points

TOTAL= 123

Lead Mountain 2012
Bought to date: 203
Painted to date: 245

I primed 160 figures from Critical Mass Games (ARC troops). This will be a full company for my son to use in sci-fi gaming. Great figures, well cast and very clean.

I had planned to work the sci-fi project and my ancients at the same time, but sci-fi has taken off and I will continue with it unless I get burned out. I still need to paint the buildings I primed months ago and I would like to work on some terrain pieces. I will try using floor tiles to base some "rough" terrain areas.