Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ambush on Ziva

A squad of Ripley Corporation troops conducted a very successful ambush on a humanitarian relief convoy on the embattled planet of Ziva. Imperial auxiliary security forces in their trademark blue uniforms were headed to deliver supplies to a small detainee settlement under the protection of a local Sahadeen separatist faction. Feeling that the Imperials were siding with the rebel scum, the RC marines destroyed the convoy in a lightening strike.

First strike devastates the convoy.

No supplies will get through.

Rebel suicide bombers try to make the marines pay...only one gets through.

Causing the marines to dive for cover...but only one light casualty.

Marines regroup and get ready to bug out...mission accomplished.

This was a short Flying Lead (Ganesha Games) battle with my sci-fi figures set up by my son. An unbalanced affair to be sure but lots of fun. Get to get two groups (security forces and Sahadeen) on the table for the first time.

There is a IABSM battle set up on the other half of the table ready for play. Back to WW2.