Sunday, April 22, 2018

Border Clash

First outing for my 6mm sci fi figures. I am finishing the buildings this eek and then I will finish the bases on all the figures. Played the game using the Panzer Korps WWII rules with minimal modifications. Each unit is a battalion of generally 3 bases. I kept the scenario simple and the number of units low for both sides.

Peoples Liberation Front forces massed in the autonomous zone between the Peoples Democratic Republic of Eden (PDRE) and the Federal Republic of Zaara (FRZ). One PLF battalion seized the border crossing in a nighttime attack, while the second battalion entered the eastern end of the small border town of Garfeld, but could not make headway against a Zaaran Federal Police battalion in western part of the town. Thinking that the PLF forces would attempt to capture the Luther Corp. scientific research station to the north, Zaaran authorities dispatched all available forces to stabalize the situation. Detecting movement across the ill defined border, an armored brigade of PDRE forces moved into position.

Town in the middle, PDRE on the left, FRZ on the right.

PLF forced out of the town by the Federal Police.

Mechanized PDRE forces decide to intervene near the research station.

Zaaran Urban Reaction Forces battalions defend the research station in the foreground.

Federal Police secure the town, but are low on ammo.

FRZ National Guard mech battalion in half-tracks fall back after taking heavy casualties trying to retake the border post. The defending PLF forces included some unexpected heavy weapons.

PDRE mechanized battalion attacks the research station.

After regrouping, the National Guard battalion moves forward to attack the PLF remnants.

Urban Reaction Forces mass against the PDRE mech BN, causing heavy casualties.

PLF falls back leaving over one hundred prisoners.

PDRE mechanized and armor battalions pour fire into Garfeld, but the Federal Police hold on grimly. FRZ cavalry reinforcements join the fray.

URF BNs get the better of the exchanges near the research station.

One last attempt on the right flank, ammo starts running low and the supporting artillery battalion pulls back.

PDRE forces begin to pull back as nigh approaches.

PDRE makes no headway and decides to cover the withdrawal of the PLF forces.

PLF blows up the border post and retire in good order.