Thursday, July 25, 2013

Look Sarge, No Charts

I played a game using the Look Sarge, No Charts line of rules at Historicon. Info on the rules can be found at:,_Sarge,_No_Charts.html

I have seen comments about these rules and their "funny" name on TMP but never gave them much thought. The rules series has specific rule books for WWII, ACW, Napoleonics, and Ancients/fantasy (in playtest). I played in a fantasy battle.

One of the main points of the rules is that they can be played without and reference cards or QRS. In place of these kinds of cards, the rules use special dice and labels directly on the unit.

Dice- you can make the dice using stickers and such. They play a nice role in the game mechanics and involve both players in each combat.

Labels- All the combat, movement, and morale info is printed on the label attached to each base. It did make things very easy especially for a convention. Not sure if I would use them or just go with a unit roster, but they were useful.

The rules get some flak for saying "No Charts" and then having labels on the units...this argument distracts from some clever mechanics and the labels do serve a purpose. I found myself able to play through the game after just a simple in brief and a few examples.

I have purchased PDFs of the Napoleonic set and the WWII set. I am not sure they will take over from my preferred rules (Field of Battle), but the WW II set has been making me think about doing a MicroArmor project. I will get the fantasy rules when they come out too.

Looking forward to the next couple of conventions. I will definitely sign up for some LSNC games.

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