Monday, October 14, 2013

Crossing the border

Ran a sci-fi solo game using a mish-mash of Force on Force rules (very modifier) and Chain of Command.

The scenario called for a Vistula Veague platoon to cross the border and retrieve the data recorder from a crashed drone in Babylon Emirate territory. A recon team was in place on overwatch, but they needed special technicians and tools (carried by the tracked mule).

Total casualties at the end were similar but the Vistula League owned the field and took the objective.

Vistula League
4 Light WIA

Babylon Emirate
8 KIA (5 left on the field)
6 WIA (5 left on the field, 3 POW)
6 Light WIA

Ready to cross the border (runs along the valley), objective in the swamp in the back.

Good progress early on.
Until the lead squad on the right ran into an enemy squad at close range in the woods. Luckily, the platoon sergeant was on hand to keep the squad in the fight.

1st squad wins the exchange but took some casualties and hunkered down in the woods to regroup.

Meanwhile, the Platoon Leader led 3rd squad up the left flank to link up with the Recon team.
The Recon team catches an enemy squad in the open going for the data recorder...inflicting heavy losses.
They then move forward to cover the technicians...but take some casualties to an enemy RPG.

The enemy pull back with heavy losses after a respectable showing.

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