Tuesday, April 1, 2014

First quarter review

The first quarter of a snow filled year is behind me. Painting progress has been very good. Purchases are up so I have to bring that under control between now and Historicon in July.

Let's take a look at the plans for 2014...
Plans for 2014:
 1- Lots of figures still on hand for the fantasy project...will keep this at the priority for the year
---Elves--- DONE
---Dwarves--- part 1 primed, rest put in que after new purchases
---Then buy next batch. Focusing on one manufacturer at a time. --- Bought three new batches...1 DONE, 1 primed, 1 in the que.

2- Texture the bases on the imagi-nation figures --- Not started, this will be the Spring lunchime project

3- Update the blog with links and followed blogs --- Procrastinating

4- Small additions to existing projects...keeping each to about a week's work and finishing them as they are bought. Expect about a months worth of painting. --- Painted the 6 planes, put the Zombies/survivors into the que

5- Attend Historicon and Cold Wars--- COLD WARS

6- Spend less than in 2013...need major work on this goal.--- Trending poorly

7- Start Pirates project --- counted them up...about 200 plus 100 civilians, and the ships, will start when I get burned out on 15mm fantasy

Here is a battle layout my son did with two friends...


  1. Intriguing layout - a three way campaign game, by the look. You seem overall to be a whole lot better organised and motivated than I am these days!

  2. LOL re #6!

    At least you are painting them almost as fast as you can buy them, right?

  3. I like making lists...it is a sickness :)

    My "little" fantasy/ancients project has now become my largest collection. There is a huge amount of 15mm fantasy figures on the market.