Friday, November 27, 2009

The Kingdom of Katzenstein

KatWelcome to my first blog. The Kingdom of Katzenstein will chronicle my adventures in wargaming, mostly focusing on miniatures, but also including computer wargaming.

Inspired by the Emperor vs Elector blog ( and the many blogs linked through that site, I have launched my own net cronacle. I have been a Napoleonic buff for several years after cutting my teeth on World War II as a kid. Over the past two years my interest in the Seven Years War has grown along with my interest in miniatures. I had a sand table as a kid and many 1/72 plastic figures. I moved on to computer wargaming for years, but since playing a few made up games with my son (age 8) and his “green plastic army men”, I have returned to my roots.

I plan on developing the Kingdom of Katzenstein along my own notions that cross 18th and 19th century military conflicts. To fight my battles, I am planning on using several mechanisms:

1- Computer game: Horse and Musket, a remake of an older game about to be republished by Matrix Games ( *Disclosure: I am the project manager for this game.

2- Table top: I am using the Iron Duke computer moderated rules.

3- Sketch pad: simple battle sketches I can do anywhere/anytime and resolve with a few dice.

I have taken the naming conventions for my imagi-nation from the great books of Dr Suess.

I will start adding information about the KofK in the next few days. I am working on a map, some pictures of my game room, and I will take some pictures of my figures.

I am using AB 15mm(18mm) miniatures for most of the army, along with Fantassin/Warmodlling figures. I looked at 1/72 plastics, but I like the weight a metal miniature provides. My painting skills are non-existent, but I have started by just going with a basic block painting scheme. Infantry units will be 12 figures, 8 for cavalry, and 2 guns for an artillery battery (4 crew per gun). Basing is 40 mm x 20 mm for infantry (3 per base), 40 mm x 40 mm for cavalry (2 per base), and 40 mm x 40 mm for artillery (1 gun and 4 crew per base, 2 guns per battery). I have 40 mm x 60 mm bases for any special needs as well. The bases are 1.5mm Litko wood bases. I am using primarily Vellejo paints along with Army Painter primer and soft dip

Time to send some ambassadors off to the other Princes of the world.