Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall In 2010

I attended a day of shopping at Fall In in Lancaster PA. This convention seemed much smaller than Historicon from July. The venue at Historicon (Valley Forge) was also better in my opinion and an hour closer to home. I am hoping them move all the HMGS conventions to Valley Forge.

No gaming this time, but I may stay overnight at the next Historicon and try to get in two games.

My loot:

- can of white Army Painter primer
-7 paint brushes
- 8 bottles of paint
- 24 x Falcon Sea People figures
- 24 x Egyption HeavyAxe figures
- 2 packs of 54mm plastic WW II figures for my son
- a Landing Craft from the flea market
- GE FS MG platoon
- GE FS mortar platoon
- 4 x GE half-tracks
- 2 x STUG III G
- US Rifle platoon
- US armored infantry dismounted machineguns

I could not find the 5 x M3 half-tracks for my son or the GE sniper group I wanted. Will order online.

A few things that caught my eye but I resisted:
Blue Moon Wild West
Viking Forge and Falcon ancients - lots of good options (female samuari!)
Old Glory ships for pirates
Paper Terrain
MBA- nice stuff coming in the spring