Monday, February 28, 2011

February 2011

Fantastic month after not expecting to get much done.

11 x 8 figure cavalry regiments: 196 points !!!!

Also prepped some more figures for the next two months when we had a nice warm day.

Had a small change in my cavalry plans. One of my units was made up of  left overs and was to be an "irregular" unit but I did not like it (luckily deciding before painting). This does mean I have to buy one more set of figures.

March Plan:
4 x 12 figure infantry units (started on first 3 units)
1 x 8 figure cavalry unit (just arrived in the mail)
13 x generals and personalities

If I can hit all these, the imagi-nation project will be almost mature. Have to finish the baggage and I have a bag of civilians.

Played a pick up game with my son on the floor using the Memior 44 figures and his home made rules...heavily favoring his attacking Russians.