Friday, June 24, 2011

Fall Thaw

06 November: After a few days of snow and freezing temperatures, a general thaw has set in. With the unexpectedly warm weather comes some unexpected decisions by the Commanding Generals.

LTG Von Stroodel has decided to send a division under MG Grumm to occupy the critical ford at Furthing Ford to the North before settling in to Winter quarters. This strong defensive position could protect the main army's advance in the Spring.

Unbeknownst to the Katzenstein Commander, Poo-Bochen has also sent a force to occupy the ford to pin the Katzian Army in the South.

After delays in organizing his forces and repeated requests for additional troops, MG Grumm's division marches North and arrives near Furthing Ford on the 16th.

The Katzian forces consist of:
Pamplemoose Pandours
Fuddle Fusiliers
Zooks Zouaves
Velites of the Guard (Prinz Noah)
Royal Bleu Border Constables
Ooblek Sappers and Miners
Saint Rose Musketeers
Saint Polycarp Musketeers
Saint Clement Musketeers
Valing Valley Chassuers
West Bunglefield Chevau-legers

Will be playing the battle with the Field of Battle (Piquet) rules. I have a nice new set of the playing cards from Brent Oman. This will be the first outing for several of my units. I rolled up the commanders and unit stats over the weekend...the Katzian forces are in for a tough time with an Abysmal Commander facing a Superior enemy.