Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Company on the attack

Finished another game of I Ain't Been Shot Mum with my British company.

I am continuing on as a campaign, tracking losses and seeing how my Big Men perform. This turned out to be a big win for the Allies due to some horrible rolling for the German defenders and the fact I could not get the MG42 team's card (or their Big Man, or the bonus firepower card).

The company recieved replacements to bring them up to full strength. Needed 12 and rolled that on the replacement die. Each battle, the die number will reduce...20-12-10-8-6-4...until the unit gets rotated out of the line.

The mission was to clear a ford across a river. The company had two Churchills and an armored car in support and could call on two more Churchills if the attack bogged down.

Major Jones started with a platoon on each side of the road and 3rd platoon coming up in support. The Germans are thought to be in platoon strength, supported by armor.

Recon starts forward to chek out the ford and farmhouse.

A hull down Marder damages the lead tank (but would miss many shots).

The vehicles traded shots through the game with horrible rolls all around.

Lucky break, 1st platoon spots an ambush and turns the tables on a German squad without taking casualties.

Meanwhile, the tanks are stalled along the road.

2inch mortars put down smoke to cover the MG42 in the farmhouse.

1st Platoon aggressively starts a flank attack and crosses the river.

When a STUG arrives to challenge the British tanks.

2nd Platoon runs into a squad on the other flank; 2nd squad takes casualties as they exit the stream.

1st Platoon brings up the PIAT team looking for a flank shot.

One of the tanks steals the PIAT team's kill but the STUG damages the armored car and the second tank.

The STUG has a good position but it is outnumbered and is about to get flanked by 1st Platoon.

The PIAT misses with the first shot.

The MG42 team pulls back from the house to set up on the hill. A German squad had already been shot up in the hilltop position.

The immobilized Churchill gets revenge and destroys the STUG (again stealing a kill from the PIAT team).

The MG42 team gets set up only to start taking fire from three squads and a 2inch mortar.

Outflanked and out of armor support, the Germans pull back before reinforcements come up (had a PanzerGrenadier platoon ready to go).
Another victory, and this time with light casualties.

2nd Platoon (all in 2nd Squad): 1 dead, 3 light wounded

Germans: 14 men, 1 Marder, 1 STUG

Had a great time running this solo battle. I thought the Germans would do better, but the MG42 just could not get effective fire and the ambush squad got spotted early on a lucky roll.

Notable performances: 1st Platoon for the agressive attack on the flank...especially 1st squad and the PIAT team.

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