Friday, May 31, 2013

May 2012

Good hobby progress this month. I finished the 1st part of my imagi-ancients/fantasy project by painting all the on hand lead and rebasing the mixed batch of ancients figures I bought to serve as enemies to my forces. Part 2 of this project will be in adding fantasy elements. This is a Pandora's box of a project as there are so many nice fantasy figures out now in 15mm.

Started work on the 100 or so sci-fi figures on hand...plan to have them done before Historicon in mid-July.

I also broke down and bought 10 units (5 cav, 5 inf) for my Katzenstein project. I want to paint them as motivation to begin texturing/flocking my Katzenstein forces this Fall.

44 x cavalry: 88 points
3 x character figures: 3 points

Plus rebased the ancients.

TOTAL: 91 points

1 x Tomorrow's War with my son

Registered for a total of 13 games for Historicon with my son.

Tomorrow;s War set up

My troops taking a beating

The attackers with vehicle support