Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fantasy Project

I have started on the 15mm fantasy project. I will use the 15mm ancients I have painted with this same project.

I made a LARGE purchase of Splintered Light Miniatures when they were on sale last month. Below is a list of the factions/races and # of packs on hand...and the general order I will paint them. Starting with the Gnomes...

Gnomes 7
Imps 3
Sons of Horus 3
Ratmen 3
Bear Clan 4
Halflings 11
Hyena 6
Lion 4
Cougar 7
Faun 6
Goblin 7
Orc 8
Undead (zombie, skeleton, other) 20
Dark Elves 6
Dark Dwarves 10
Dwarves 19
Elves 22
Human I will add billmen, archers, and knights

Future plans also include Meerkats, Duckmen, and Mongeese from Chariot miniatures.

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