Monday, December 30, 2013

German counter-attack

Ran another IABSM game with my British company defending against a German counter-attack. This will close out the games for 2013.

British held off the attack but took some heavy losses.
Germans Lost:
24 infantry
3 recon vehicles

British Losses: 27 total casualties
14 WIA

1st Platoon took 8 casualties.
3rd Platoon took 15 casualties.
The attached MG section suffered 4 casualties.

The company received 8 replacements. This leaves 2nd and 3rd platoons each down a full section.

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Well timed 3in mortar fire stops them cold.

Made worse by a lucky PIAT shot.

Tanks and Panzergrenadiers follow and start dishing out revenge.

While another platoon works the British right flank.

Losses mount with both sides trading MG fire.

The flank attack has some success, but the 2in mortar rips one squad to pieces.

The front line elements have pulled back to avoid the PV IV and Stug fire. British armor reinforcements are on the way.

A desperate bid to storm the church yard fails with heavy losses. This breaks the infantry attack.

Germans start to pull back as the British tanks arrive.

The PV IV gets a mobility hit for 1st blood...

But the return fire is more effective.