Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 2014

Major accomplishments this month...finished the last of the Splintered Light Miniatures fantasy figures. This met my goal to have them all done before Historicon in a few weeks. I will now paint up a small batch of flea market figures from Cold Wars.

206 foot, 4 siege engines, 10 mounted Dwarves: 230 points !!!

Plus 4 bonus figures...my son painted 3 and a friend of his did the 4th. He has 6 more of these, plus 20 more plastic figures (8 built so far). Good rainy day fun.

1 Pulse of Battle-Fantasy game

My son started Summer vacation and set up the air base display below:
He also dug up the Hare faction "Bunny Fort" we started a few years ago...we can work on this over the next few days: