Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 2016

After a long slog, I am done with the Pirate Project. The combination of work, eyesight issues, and a lack of motivation in the project made this a tough one to finish.

I will now turn back to the 15mm fantasy project with all of the Demonworld figures I have on hand.

4 x 15mm Pirate ships: 40 points

On the table:  15mm fantasy figures

0, at this rate it could be August before I get a game in.

$86.05 this month: HMGS membership renewal, Wargames Soldiers and Strategy renewal, Miniature Wargames renewal
Total for the year: $101
Budget: $299 under budget
Plan: <$100 per month
Need to check on my basing, paint, and brush some shield transfers.