Saturday, July 2, 2016

1814, Battle of La Rothier with Fate of Battle rules

Spent an enjoyable day gaming with a group of guys from the Maplewood Hobby Gaming Society (MapHoGS). Saw an announcement on their Yahoo forum about one of the gamers hosting a game just a few miles from my house. I have mostly gamed solo, with my son, or at conventions. This was a nice change to join some local folks (Allen, Bill, Steve, Lee, Jake, Garrett). Allen has been kind enough to offer an open invite for gaming.

Played the Battle of La Rothier in 1814 using the Fate of Battle rules, a variant of Buck Surdu's "Look Sarge, No Charges".

Great game even with the Russian-Austrian side on was on getting handed our heads.

My Cavalry finally drove off the opposing French Guard cavalry only to see Marshal Ney arrive to save that flank. Our center got devastated by the very aggressive enemy cavalry...kudo's to 12 year old Garrett for running over us like a Panzer Division in 1941.

Some pics of the game:

Ney arrived just in time

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