Sunday, May 28, 2017

That was close

Finished up a fantasy 15mm battle using my home grown Commands and Colors variant. Need to make some more rules tweaks and add in the magic section. The Elves faced off against the Undead, pulling out a narrow victory on the last few cards of turn 6. The Elven Grove Guard and Unicorn Riding Maidens saved the day by taking back the Portal Orb from the Vampire Thralls.

A look from the Undead right flank.

A small brigade of Skeletons destroyed the Wood Elves on the flank.

Elven Guard make for the sacred portal.

A solid defensive position in the center,

Zombies trudging forward.

The action is hot across the whole field.

Poor Wood Elves getting slaughtered.

Elven Elk cavalry had a hard day too.

Back and forth on this flank with both forces not contributing to the main event,

Zombies have been attritted.

Skeleton Cavalry performed well.

First wave beaten back but with heavy losses.

Unicorn Riders do their thing.

Holding in the center, but the Undead keep coming.

With the Wood Elves destroyed, the Skeletons begin to march to the center.

Unicorn Riders destroyed the Ghosts.

Zombies just won't die!

Both sides trade blows.

Thralls capture the portal!

But are thrown back by the missile fire from the Unicorn Riders and a spirited charge from the Grove Guard.

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