Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 2018

Spent some quality time working through the 6mm sci fi forces. They paint up quickly. I will still have to base/flock them when I make a decision on how I want to make it look.

Two month into the year. I am moving forward with 6mm sci fi in March...I have about 3 months left of painting to finish the on hand figures and buildings. I will then order the next batch.

The wooden warriors and zombies are waiting for some attention. 15mm fantasy will be the focus next near.

Primed the buildings...need a second coat

Two battalions of artillery with transports

Two battalions of jump troops

Mixed units for the wheeled cavalry brigade

three battalions of regular army troops

four battalions of mech infantry

support weapon companies

60 x 6mm sci fi bases: 60 points
TOTAL: 60 points

0...spent my time painting

$0 for the month
$350 year to date