Monday, December 31, 2018

Tales of the free-trader "Wolverine"-1

These are the tales of the free-trader "Wolverine", a very old Mammal Class Star Freighter. On a whim over Christmas, I bought the 5Core/5Parsecs rules from Nordic Weasel. I was intrigued by the combat system and knew I could use my existing 15mm sci-fi figures. I am using the 5Parsec campaign rules, but keeping the 5Core combat system.


The crew of the "Wolverine" are a band of lovable rogues staying together for their own protection in a deadly universe. They are currently on the planet Viva making repairs to the jump drive:

Captain Miroslav: an orphan and once a struggling artist, he sided with the losers in a local civil war. He fled the planet to discover another way to fight back. He is the oldest of the crew, conceited, and a harsh disciplinarian. A heavy gambler, he knows the local administrator well.

Adolf: a soldier from one of the many industrial heart worlds, he now adventures to regain his lost wealth so he can buy his own ship. A close combat brawler, he is surly and picky in choosing his friends. He does not get along with Leo.

Leo: a sickly youth, he escaped an isolated religious cult and now seeks to overcome his poor reputation. Wielding a glare sword, he is the youngest of the crew, eager to please if overconfident.

Eli: an alien Apex, he has traveled far seeking adventure to put his thug life behind him. Quiet, he is hard working.

Bronson: fled his home research facility after being framed for murder. He is loyal to the crew since signing on and has quickly become trusted by all for his personal discipline and attention to detail.

Tarik: a newcomer recently recruited by Bronson on Viva. A farm worker from the wastelands, he dreams of leading his people to take over as an independent system.
Spending some time in the backwater settlement of Tibbs Hollow, the crew sets to work. Miroslav wins 4 cr gambling, Adolf guards the ship, Leo fails to find work for the crew, Eli meets an alien merchant but does not strike a deal, and Bronson hires Tarik to join the crew. Tarki asks the crew to come to his farmhouse to help pack his things...neglecting to tell them that the five alien mercenaries that have been staying there don't want to give up their comfy new quarters.

The first battle:

The crew approaches the farm house across some rough ground. They plan to set up overwatch on two sides and then rush the building.

The guard on the balcony is out of position while the crew gets set.

One thug sees the crew break cover and pours on fire...only to be suppressed by Bronson's LMG.

Eli gets into a firefight and has to fall back after blasting one of the thugs on the balcony with his Fusion Rifle.

Eli's pride is hurt after having to duck for cover several times. He almost lost his NY Giants hat!

The rest of the crew make their assault. Leo cuts one down with his force sword, while Miroslav clears the balcony and takes down the ganger in the courtyard...just as Adolf arrives to finish him off. 

The merc leader makes a hasty getaway...I'm sure he will be back. 
Mission complete....4 alien merc's taken down with no friendly casualties! Found 6cr, a pistol, and an AutoRifle. Later that day, they met the town doctor, and Bronson heard a rumor for a new job.

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