Friday, November 1, 2019

October 2019

A nice month for the hobby....good painting production, played a game, and did not spend a cent!

Now for the next project.

Plastic Orcs

Plastic Snakemen

I am missing a picture of the plastic Gnolls.

70 x 28mm fantasy figures: 70 points
Total: 70 points

1 x ASOBH fantasy game

$0 !!!!
$ 2840 year to date
--- I will need to buy bases for the next project.


  1. A good month for Productivity vs expenditure, Tim!

    What is Noah up to these days?

  2. Peter, November is looking even better as I start the new project.

    Noah is in his senior year...he finished basic training over the summer and will start college and ROTC in the Fall of 2020. Very proud of him...maybe I can get him back to Historicon this year.

  3. You certainly have every reason to be proud of him, and it would be great if he makes it to HCon 2020!