Thursday, February 27, 2020

February 2020

Nice painting and gaming progress this month even if a slow down from my frantic last few months.

Started two more batches of Slaughterloo figures...starting with the cavalry this time since painting the mounts always seems to be a frustration to me. The contrast paints made them a breeze...very nice on fur.

I broke down and ordered the rest of the Slaughterloo figures I planned to get eventually since they have a (very reasonable) price increase coming...this destroyed my budget plans for the year.

18 x foot 28 mm figures: 18 points
27 x mounted 28mm figures: 54 points
TOTAL: 72 points

1 x game of FoB with the Slaughterloo figures

$ 2,200 ouch!!! on Slaughterloo figures...this is at least two years of painting.
$ 2,510 year to date
Hope the wife does not read this.

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