Sunday, July 26, 2020

Second Slaughterloo Battle with FOB3 including campaign system.

I played the second battle in my Slaughterloo campaign, generating the battle by using the Seasons of Battle campaign rules included with the 3rd Edition of the Field of Battle Rules. These rules always give a good game.

After being forced to withdraw back over the river after the first engagement, the reinforced Unionist forces moved south into the lands of the fierce Halflings in an attempt to find another route into enemy territory. The Associates forces, also reinforced, moved quickly and caught up to the Unionists troops. The Unionists general forged a strong defensive position along a low ridge, with the flanks well protected by cavalry. With two brigades in reserve, he though he would easily repulse any attack by his outnumbered foe.

Campaign Map



Campaign battle generation:

Withdrawing from Associate territory, the Unionists had the initiative and moved south (move card). The Associates followed bringing up reinforcements (plan and prepare card). The Unionists did not turn to offer battle yet (battle card). The Associates continued to maneuver in the local area (move card), while the Unionists gathered fresh troops (supply card). Finally, the Associates attacked (battle card). The Associates positioned their lead elements forward in the center and were counted by the Unionists also forcing a strong central defense with earthworks on the ridge line.

Unionist: 18 Morale Points +1 for supply= 19
Associates: 19 Morale Points

The Battle:

The Associates on the right, Unionists on the left in a strong defensive position.

Battle lines are set.

Light Brigade attacks the Toads in the center. A see-saw battle. 

General advance along the front despite being outnumbered.

The hill changed hands four times.

Associate success on the right flank.

And the left.

The success on the right flank will draw in the Unionist reserve brigade of Ottermen. 

The Toad guns are about to be overrun. 

Little Rabbits take the hill!

Big Hares start to advance in support.

The Unionist left is about to crumble. 

Burrovians hold the hill...but there are LOTS of enemy reserves.


A close run thing.

The Toad line brigade is finished...time to send in the counterattack. 

Cavalry clash continues.

On both flanks...this sucked in Unionist reserves and bled morale points.

Ottermen in reserve move to the left flank as routing Toads fly past.

Big Trolls vs Little Toads

Cavalry and Infantry threaten the Unionist left flank drawing in the reserves. 

The hill is still the focal point.

Goblin cavalry rout!

Toads try one last counterattack.

Ouch! Not the roll you want on an Army Morale Card. The Unionist, despite having two intact and uncommitted brigades, decide that the threats to both flanks are enough to warrant an organized retreat. 

I now have base markers (thanks to seeing them in use on Peter's blog) to replace the stickie notes.

Post Battle: The Unionist National Morale drops from 71 to 51, while the enthusiastic Associates climb from 59 to 60 despite their casualties. There are minor quality adjustments to both forces with the Associates coming off the worse...but the Unionist commander is sacked and is replaced by an Otterman General.

More reinforcements are being called up,

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