Tuesday, September 1, 2020

August 2020

 A slow start to the month but I picked it up at the end. I have some time off in September, so I hope to get back to better painting habits.

We sent the kid off to college, and got a new puppy. 


72 x 28mm Slaughterloo figures: 72 points

YTD: 619....I have passed my 2019 total, and I am on track for my most productive year since 2014. have only painted Slaughterloo figures since November 2019.


0, I have a 6mm sci fi game on the table


$0 !!!!! I can continue this until Christmas.

YTD: $3215


  1. Your Slaughterloo figures are looking very good - we need more pictures of them!

    It's too bad he's off top copllege under such unusual circumstances. I rem,ember when our older daughter was off to college, my wife and I were a bit depressed... for about 2 weeks. When our younger daughter joined her, we were like "Yee-haw! We're free"
    Aside from Tuition at 2 schools, that is...

  2. It has been an interesting few weeks. UNC was one of the first colleges to start up...and a there was a backlash as cases popped up. Now many schools have many more cases, but UNC switched to almost all remote...and sent the kids home. Noah got an exception to stay on campus for ROTC. He is determined to stay!

  3. Speaking with my physician hat on, UNC made a very ill considered decision to start with in person classes with the virus poorly controlled in the state. With most of the other students gone, he should be better off from a Covid standpoint. Does he have an idea what he wants to study there?