Friday, February 26, 2010

Battle of Kronstadt

05 June- Satisfied with the destruction of the enemy blocking force at Borlington, Major General Van Fleck sent the Boober Bay Uhlans and the Pamplemoos Pass Pandours to pursue the few enemy that escaped the debacle at Borlington. The rest of the army would rest overnight and continue the advance at first light.

06 June- With the sun shining, the army makes good progress towards the bridge at Kronstadt with the intent to cut off as much of the retreating Diddian forces that have evacuated the capital.

07 June - Having encountered almost no resistance, the Uhlans crest the ridge a mile and a half from the great bridge and see the Didd forces preparing defenses while streams of booty laden carts cross the bridge. Major General Van Fleck camps the army a few miles from the bridge, and prepares to attack the next morning with the intent to seize the bridge.

08 June - The Battle of Kronstadt: The Katzian Army of the North advances on the arrayed defenders from the Kingdom of Didd and the last remnants of the usurpers forces.

I am looking for advice on how to array the defenders and a general plan for
the defense. The table layout is as shown. Weather is clear. The thin stream
is crossable everywhere, the larger river only at the bridge.
---Please post suggested battle plans for the defenders:

The defenders consist of:

2 x light cavalry regiments
2 x light infantry regiments
1 x field artillery battery (8lb x 6 guns)
1 x grenadier regiment
1 x guard (elite) regiment [Doft rebels] --- this unit must escape for any
result better than a draw
1 x heavy cavalry regiment
4 x line infantry regiments

1 x grenadier regiment (must start on far side of the bridge, 1 hour to
cross through the traffic)
1 x line regiment (must start on far side of the bridge, 1 hour to cross
through the traffic)
2 x militia battalions (must remain on far side of the river)
1 x position artillery battery (12lb x 6 guns) (must remain on far side of
the bridge)

There is a long line of retreating baggage---goal is to get it across the

The battlefield:

The center:

The left:

The right: