Saturday, February 6, 2010

Battle of Borlington

The fog cleared in the river valley about 10 o'clock, revealing an enemy brigade defending the defile at the town of Borlington. A strong battery high on a bluff on the East side of the river dominated the approaches.
A reinforced infantry regiment defended the town center behind a thick hedge.

The artillery position had one flank protected by the river, and the other by a regiment of infantry.

MG Van Fleck's plan was to conduct a pincer attack with the light brigades supported by cavalry while pinning the enemy in place in the center by demonstrating with two brigades of infantry.
The Feld-Jager led the advance on the right, with the Hussars and newly arrived Uhlans prepared to exploit any success.

The Shutzen led the advance on the left to drive the enemy from the woods to the West of the pond.

The Guard Brigade, Guard Cavalry, and two regiments of militia prepared to continue the advance in the middle. All where careful to stay out of range of the enemy artillery.

The Feld-Jager exchanges heavy skirmish fire with the defending McIntyre Fusiliers. The Jager's range advantage with their long rifles partially negated by the Fusilies expert use of the wooded cover. The Zind Jannisaries prepare to storm the woods, coverd by the Jagers.

While on the other flank, the Salamasond Shutzen cause significant casualties to the defending Landwehr.

The Janissaries make contact as the Pandours and Hussars flank the woods.

The Herk Heimer Fusiliers drive the Lebrong Landwehr from the woods.

The first objective is captured.

Fleeing the woods in the East, the McIntyre Fusiliers are caught in the open by the Wha Hoo Hussars...casualties are severe as the Hussars take revenge for the ambush at Antonsberg.

The Pamplemoose Pandours follow up the Hussar's success by moving against the flank of the Goodenton Line Infantry protecting the artillery position.

Throwing his usual aution to the wind, BG McBean senses glory in taking the enemy battery. He orders his brigade forward in a massive attack column.

And suffers the consequences as the battery's well sighted guns rain shot on the packed infantry.

Flush with victory, the Hussars head for the bridge at the rear of the enemy position. They are unencumbered by any prisoners from the McIntyre regiment.

McBean has second thoughts about advancing on the guns, but he knows Van Fleck is watching.

The Nantaket Regiment exchanges fire with the enemy on the far flank. While casualties are even, the Line Regiment is disordered on the hilltop.

And fall mercy to a charge by the Krock Kavern Kurrassier. The Rauritan Line Regiment is destroyed!

While the remnants of the Goodenton Line Regiment flee the Boober Bay Uhlans. Part of the infantry regiment reach the safety of the bridge into town, but the Uhlans wreck havoc on the limbers and caissons situated behind the bluff.

Running low on ammunition, the battery continues to fire on the advancing mass.
BG McBean begins to see the difficulty of climing the steep scarp.

The Uhlans pillage the wagons and supplies while the battery expends it's last ammunition.

As the Kurrassiers ride down the enemy infantry, enemy cavalry come up to challenge them.

BG McBean's attack begins to falter as the men can not get up the bluff. So close to a promotion, he can taste it!

The Kurrassiers meet Havenberg Carabiniers and are thrown back.

The Pamplemoose Pass Pandours steal the glory from McBean's tired soldiers by taking the guns from the rear with no casualties.

The Carabiniers can not stand to face the advancing Vail Valley Dragoons.

The Nantaket Wilds Border Regiment protects the gains on the West Flank

As the Kurrassiers reform behind the protection of the Dragoons.

BG Van Nuys joins his Pandours on the bluff to get a better vantage point to observe the enemy defenses in town.

McBean has to settle for advancing around the bluff to isolate the town on the East side. He briefly considers storming the bridge, but he knows Van Fleck has instructed the commanders to avoid casualties.

The Guards advance to cover the artillery in the center now that the threat of enemy artillery has been removed by the Pandour's bold action.

The one thousand defenders of the small town are cut off, and their baggage has been captured.

The Dragoons scout the the North using the hills to observe the few enemy retreating down the main road.

While the Hussars complete the encirclement at the crossroads.

Faced with no option, the defenders offer surrender after the first round of bombardment.