Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flying Lead game

Bridge gets blown.

Rest of the convoy deploys.

Ambushers begin to take casualties.

Time to retreat.

Overview of the board.

Ambushers fall back.

The prisoners make their escape.

Very frustrated with this post as I can not seem to be able to drop and drag the pictures in order and get the text to align.

It was a great game with my son. His survivors from the last battle set up to ambush the convoy carrying his POWs. He blew the bridge, and fired up my troops. The prisoners made their escape, but his ambush team started to take casualties. He tried to save them all...and did in the end. I have given a special medal (made him a hero) for his javelin gunner that stayed under fire for 3 turns to rescure his wounded medic.

Good fun.