Friday, July 2, 2010

June 2010 Painting Total

Big fat ZERO!

I was not very motivated this month and had a trip away for a week. I almost finished 15 of the Splintered Light fantasy Otter figures, but a little more work to go before they are done.

I did get in part of a skirmish game, and 3 games of the Memoir '44 board game with my son.

I head to a day of shopping at Historicon next week and hope to get some painting in over this long weekend.

I do not expect to buy many more figures (ha!) as I have everything on hand except for some ancients for a future project. My purchases will focus on terrain bits, paint, and some reading material.

Over the last month I did purchase some figs:
- updated my collection to include one of each pose of the Splintered Light animals: all available on hand
- some more Rebel mini modern figs: everything on hand for this project
- 1 infantry and 1 cavalry unit for imagi-nation: this gives me everything on hand for this project
- ancients: 60% of my planned purchases...still deciding on a few units. This will be an ancients imagi-nation project.