Saturday, July 10, 2010

Historicon 2010

My son and I went to do a day of shopping at Historicon 2010 held at the Valley Forge Convention Center. The venue seemed great to me...pleanty of space, good parking, and overall very well organized. The walk-in registration took 1/2 hour and they could use some work in that area. The vendor hall was well stocked. We also hit two sessions of the flea market...1st was crowded, 2nd not so much.
1) Pacific Theatre expansion for Memior '44 - sold to us (and a nice conversation with ) Richard Borg

2) Several colors of spray paint (Army Painter and Flames of War), and some new brushes

3) 5 packs of the new Blue Moon 15mm French and Indian War range: Indians, Colonial Militia, French Irregulars, Civilians, and French Colonial Marines. I have enough to make two 12 man units (30 per pack) with these, but I may just sell off the extras and only make one unit per pack.

4) 3 Conflicts pre-painted defense positions to go with the 3 bunker/trench sets I already have

5) Flames of War defenses set of barbed wire, dragon teeth, minefields, and trenches

6) Townhouse set E and the Sawmill from Miniature Building Authority. Waiting on the new Middle East set in the Fall.
7) 3 booklets on A Very British Civil War- not a period I expect to play, this is just for the fun of reading an interesting alternate history
8) Flames of War: my son is interested in WW II so I broke down and bought the Flames of War "Open Fire" introductory pack and a company each of US Infantry and German Fallschrimjager. The pack came with 3 M4s and 2 Stugs as well. The rule book looks great, but the pages started falling out of the binding at the first read...that is disappointing. This will be a big diversion from my ongoing projects, but it is worth it to get my son deeper into gaming.

This month has also been better for painting. 4 x 12 man units for my imagi-nation (with 3 more primed), and I finished the 15 Splintered Light Otters I started last month.

One Flying Lead game is in progress, and we have done a few Memior '44 games (more tonight).

My revised painting plan for the month is to finish the 3 imagi-nation units, and start on the Flames of War units.