Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 2010 Report

July turned into a great month.

7 x 12 figure infantry units = 84 points


15 x Splintered Light Miniatures, Otters = 15 points

Total = 99 points

Work in Progress:

125 x US Rifle Company for Flames of War - almost done.

I have played part of a Flying Lead skirmish game using Rebel Mini modern

figures with my son. We have also played all 6 scenarios from the Pacific

Theatre expansion for Memior '44.

My August plans are to finish the FoW company, and start the Falschrimjager

company. I also want to do some more of the Splintered Light minis and work

on some of my first homemade terrain pieces.

I took stock of my Imagi-nation unpainted lead:

8 x infantry units

8 x cavalry units

Plus civilians limbers, wagons, ambulances
Added to these, are 8 more infantry units I just got from the Blue Moon FIW

range. All of this should be about 1 year of work.